The Arche Network is Now Live on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon!


Dear Arche Warriors:

We are live! 🥳

We are proud to announce that the first version of the Arche Network mainnet is now up and running! This is the culmination of more than 1 year of hard work by the entire team, developers, investors, advisors, and of course, the entire Arche community who have supported us on our journey so far.

Thank you!

Arche Network is committed to transforming E-Commerce into De-commerce. We aim to build a user-defined open platform on blockchain that allows users to generate assets, customize orders, and trade digital assets freely in the marketplace — and the mainnet launch today marks our important milestone to date. And this is still just the beginning.

Arche V1 Eros

The Arche V1 product is called Eros, it’s a primordial god and the god of love in Ancient Greek Mythology.

Arche V1 mainly serves non-standard spot transactions such as IDOs and over-the-counter (OTC) transactions. Using customized financial contracts, Arche Network meets users’ needs which centralized exchanges and traditional products can not.

Customized financial contracts on the Arche platform have the following advantages:

  • No need for third parties. The transactions are based on smart contract executions, reducing communication costs.
  • No user limitation. Any user can complete OTC transactions, using customized financial contracts.
  • Bounty system. Arche introduces a bounty system to encourage users to promote OTC transactions.
  • Peer-to-pool transactions allowed. This offers sellers more flexibility.
  • Composability. The composability and liquidity mining scheme of DeFi protocols helps match liquidity for OTC transactions.
  • Social media support. Support for publishing financial contracts of OTC transactions on social platforms such as Twitter/Instagram/Facebook.

Eros V1.0 brings Peer to Peer and Peer 2 Pool Swap Button enables safe, direct token swaps without the need for an exchange or custodial OTC party — users can even set the token prices and customized the pairing rewards for the matchmaker.

Eros V1.1 allows users to create a Time-based Swap for the prediction market. It is a convenient betting tool for forecasters.

Arche V1 is audited by peckshield, you could check the audit report from here:

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Arche Network is committed to building a user-friendly decentralized crypto asset store and being the ultimate destination for players to enter Game in Web 3.