Trading Game | Arche V1.1 Eros Testing Event 2#


Total Rewards: 15,000 ARCHE

Event Duration: June 6th to June 16th, 2021 ( EDT 11 PM)

Where to participate?

Click V1.1 Eros Testnet to join the event.

The rewards will be delivered according to the Ranking of Transaction Score.

How to win the game?

Step One: Check the LUCKY TOKENS that will be counted in the score from the event page.‌

Step Two: Trade your tokens by creating orders or being another’s the counterparty.

Step Three: Retweet and Share your testing feedback under the comment of Trading Game Event Tweet and leave your test network address in the feedback.

Q1: How to make sure your order can be taken by others ASAP?

Tips: Set Pairing rewards with more ARCHE.

Q2: How to decrease your order pending time?

Tips: Set higher Ether gas fee.‌

Event Notes:

1. Each day the LUCKY TOKENS that will be counted in the transaction score will be different.

2. The score is depending on the LUCKY TOKEN transaction volume you trade.

3. The trading game score will be automatically updated after every ten minutes.

4. Claim your rewards before TGE. 33% of the token will be released once TGE, the rest will be monthly vesting over 2 months in your wallet address.

5. Please follow up on the claiming details from the announcement channel.